Spa review: Health Spa at Ramada Powai Hotel, Mumbai

When you enter the Health spa at Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai, the first thing that demands your attention is the small circular jacuzzi. It takes up most of the space in this cosy spa, which has a single massage room, a steam room and two shower and cloak rooms. While this may mean that you may have to wait for your treatment if the room is occupied, it also means that once you are in there it is like a whole private affair. You get to use the steam room and all the other facilities all for yourself and it feels like you are at home with a personal spa setting.
Situated far away from the maddening din of the city, Health spa offers therapies ranging from Indian classical massage to Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, mud therapy, foot reflexology and a special 30-minute jet lag reviver. Given the location, the drive to the spa would take a long time. I headed to Health spa to unwind after a particularly hard day at work and I slept off during the ride. By the time the vehicle stopped and the driver opened the door for me, I felt like I had reached another place altogether. Quiet, green and serene, the hotel was on a small hilltop.
On seeing my tired face, Yellamma, my masseuse, offered me a wet towel and a glass of water. She talked to me about the treatments at offer and suggested that I opt for the 60-minute Classic Swedish Massage. “Problem areas,” Yellamma raised her eyebrows. “Neck, shoulder and back,” I replied, grimly. A heavily built woman in a Ramada T-shirt, tracks and huge sneakers, Yellamma made calculations in her head. She then asked me to make myself comfortable in the steam room as she arranged for the massage.
As hot steam hit my body, I felt all my muscles relaxing and the pores on my skin opening up. Within 10 minutes Yellamma informed me that it was time for the massage. “Relax,” she told me, as she started rubbing almond oil on my legs. With every stroke, she asked me if the pressure was right. “Perfect,” I assured her. I was suffering from a mild cold and my nose got blocked as I was lying on my stomach. I kept sniffing and making weird noises with my nose when Yellamma enquired what the cause of my worry was. “Sardi hain? (Do you have a cold?),” she asked. I nodded my head. She applied some oil on to my nose and my forehead. “Eucalyptus,” she said. The oil soothed and opened up my nasal passage and I was able to breathe freely again.
Yellamma concentrated on my “problem areas”, breaking down all the tension knots on my shoulder. I felt the tension releasing through the way her fingers moved. She did a special stroke on my shoulder with her finger and I felt the stiff muscles on my shoulder and back loosen up. After the massage, Yellamma asked me to take rest for another ten minutes as my muscles had just been shaken up. After another 10 minutes in the steam room, I was ready for the shower. When I got out of the shower, Yellamma informed me that it was not over yet. There was a 15-minute jacuzzi dip which was part of the package.
Delighted, I stepped into the jacuzzi and enjoyed the jets of hot water hitting my body. All this and a cup of hot green tea completed the wonderful experience at the Helath spa. I fell asleep on my way back home, too. But this time not because I was tired or because I was stressed. Because I was at peace.


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