Food festival review: Beer & Burger Festival @ Woodside Inn

Beer and Burger Festival
Venue: Woodside Inn (Colaba) and Woodside All Day Bar & Eatery (Andheri West)
Date: July 15-July 31, 2013
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Meat lovers and beer fanatics, Mumbai is where you should be this weekend and the one to follow. The reason being that the annual Beer and Burger Festival is back at the Woodside (Andheri West and Colaba) and how! Currently in its sixth year, the two-week festival (July 15- July31) features on its menu burgers and beers from a dozen countries of the world including India. But this year, it all comes with a twist. You feel quite at home at the Andheri West outlet of Woodside, with its dim lights and woody interiors. But mind you, you will need to strain your ears a bit too much to catch the music clearly over the noisy banter of the regulars. We shared our meal in good company, though, with celebs like tennis champion Sania Mirza, actor Shahana Goswami and model and VJ Shruthi Sethi.
Coming to the food, we tried burgers and beer from Japan and Belguim. The Japanese fare was not too impressive with the tempura fish burger and the Asahi Lager, but the Belgian beer was a treat. A very light wheat-based beer called Hoegaarden tasted divine with a slice of orange in it and the pancake beef burger (pancakes instead of buns) is one of the many innovative items on the menu. Other highlights on the special festival menu include the Indian Sloppy Jamshed, a lamb burger inspired by the Parsi dish sali boti, paired with Kingfisher Ultra; the Mexican corn and two bean chipotle burger paired with Corona; and the Spanish chorizo and Manchego cheese burger with Estrella Galicia or Estrella Damm. Every burger is adorned with a cute, tiny flag of the country it belongs to. And, what’s more, you can mix and match, too, and the service is prompt.
However, the downside to the festival menu is that there are very few choices for vegetarians (sadly, only three) and the prices are not exactly on the economical side. With vegetable burgers starting at Rs 375 and imported pint beers at Rs 345, a dinner for two can easily take off close to Rs 2,500 from your wallet. However, it is a different experience to eat your way through the countries of the world, which is the reason why you should give this a go.


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