Spa Review: Richfeel Spa

The strong smell of camphor lifts up your mood as you enter the Richfeel Spa at Breach Candy, Mumbai. Add to that the dim lighting, soothing music and the oriental interiors done up in gold and maroon fabric and you feel a sense of calm. As Khanyolo, the masseuse from Manipur, guides me to the massage room, I am already in a mood to relax.

But Richfeel’s Crystal Detox therapy is not one of those soothing massages that lets you forget your sore muscles and doze off. It begins with the masseuse targeting the pressure points of the body with a small crystal stick. The friction created thus helps ease up the knots and refresh the body. Apparently, the stick has healing powers to replace negative energy in the body with a positive one that will flow through these pressure points.
This is followed by a slow kneading of the back with almond oil. The pressure is increased after five to six minutes. At this point, the masseuse gives her fingertips a break and uses her whole arm—from palms to elbows and even knuckles—to release tension knots in the body. Is it painful? Yes, but a pleasurable one at that. The elbow work is capable of leaving the body in a state of numbness but it springs back in no time, leaving you feeling more alive and rejuvenated. By the time the hour-long massage comes to an end, it is as if my body has been upgraded to a newer version of itself. I did feel positive after the therapy, but the sceptic in me refuses to attribute it entirely to the healing powers of the crystal stick.
Crystal Detox is one among the many therapies that Richfeel claims to have introduced for the first time in the country. Priced at Rs 3,000 plus taxes for an hour and Rs 4,000 plus taxes for 90 minutes, the therapy is worth a try.
And, sleep did finally arrive. I slept like a baby for four nights in a row after the therapy. Now that is enough reason why you should give it a try.

Location: Richfeel Spa is near Chocolateria San Churro at Breach Candy, Mumbai.


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