Movie Review: Krrish 3

All through the history of superheroes, they have been the morally upright, emotionally sensitive do-gooders, who place a larger good over their well-being and safety. Krrish is no different, just that he is Indian. In all senses of that word. Rakesh Roshan’s homegrown superhero, played by son Hrithik Roshan, however, seems to have taken his ‘Indian’ identity too seriously. Be prepared if your life is saved by Krrish, because he is going to go on his endless monologue of how “Krrish ek soch hai (Krrish is an idea)” and how “everyone with a good heart has Krrish in them”. Okay, we do understand that the Roshans are keeping our children safe by advising them not to imitate Krrish and jump off buildings as they are all superheroes already, but how many times?
So the third instalment of Roshan’s sci-fi series starts off from where the second, Krrish, left us. Rohit Mehra (Hrithik) is now old (yet speaks and acts like his younger, school-going version from Koi… Mil Gaya) and is leading a happy life with his son Krishna (Hrithik again) and his journalist daughter-in-law Priya (Priyanka Chopra) in Mumbai. Other than flexing his well-toned six-pack abs, Krishna also moonlights as a masked superhero Krrish, thanks to the powers he incurred during the previous films from an alien called Jadoo. On the other side of the world, there is Kaal (a pale/white Vivek Oberoi), a wheelchair-bound science genius, who is on the lookout for a cure for his disability. In this process, he creates powerful man-animal hybrid mutants, which he quite funnily calls manwars, and unleashes them on the unsuspecting people of the world. Apart from the chameleon woman Kaaya (an impressive Kangana Ranaut), who can transform herself into any person she wishes to, and another man with a long tongue, none of Kaal’s mutants, however, seem to possess any special powers. Kaal also runs a pharmaceutical company which creates antidotes for diseases they themselves create.
With this background, the film goes through some horrendous images of disease-struck African people, some scientific blabber, some high-intensity special effect-aided stunts and of course a happily-ever-after ending. To be fair, although a few of Ranaut’s and Roshan’s scenes look straight out of a video game, for most parts the stunts and effects are quite good. The final showdown between Kaal and Krrish is slick, although too long. But that’s it, there is not much apart from these special effects and Kangana Ranaut that Krrish 3 can boast of. Ranaut strikes gold as the mutant, who unfortunately cannot escape the Bollywood stereotypes of pyaar and naachgana, and looks quite believable. So does Oberoi, who is seen in a meaty role after almost a decade, and has performed much better than his last few releases. Hrithik is great as Krrish, but quite annoying as the scientist father, who still hasn’t got past his Bournvita days. And, Priyanka Chopra does nothing, she is just there, in good clothes and high heels looking pretty. But the worst is yet to come. Krrish 3 has the tackiest of dialogues that make the “mere paas ma hai” ones sound very contemporary and some terrible music with unbearable lyrics like ‘God, Bhagwan or Allah’. It is high time that Roshan Sr tried and get over his outdated style of filmmaking and took a good look at the films which are releasing now.
All said and done, Krrish is the original Indian superhero and Roshan has to be appreciated for sustaining our interest through three films and the many more to come, despite all the flaws. Ambitous, yet tacky, watch Krrish 3 for Ranaut, the special effects and of course the leading man Hrithik’s good looks and great body.

Director: Rakesh Roshan
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi
Rating: 2/5


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