Short codes in all modern themes are created with Shortcodes Ultimate. We strongly believe that short codes have no business weighing down themes. With Shortcodes Ultimate you can choose only the short codes you want, and most importantly, if (more like, when) you decide to change your theme, you won’t lose everything!

Unlimited colors

[su_button background=”#2D89EF”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#9E2DEF”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#F72EBA”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#FF2F3B”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#FF742F”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#FFA52F”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#FFCF2F”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#FFF92F”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#C5ED2C”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#3AD828″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#27CBD5″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#000000″] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#eee” color=”#2D89EF”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#9E2DEF”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#F72EBA”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#eee” color=”#FF2F3B”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#FF742F”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#FFA52F”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#eee” color=”#FFCF2F”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#FFF92F”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#C5ED2C”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button background=”#eee” color=”#3AD828″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#27CBD5″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button background=”#eee” color=”#000000″] Click me [/su_button]


Different background styles

[su_button style=”default”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button style=”flat”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button style=”glass”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button style=”noise”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button style=”bubbles”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button style=”soft”] Click me [/su_button]


Customizable border radius

[su_button radius=”square”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button radius=”auto”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button radius=”10″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button radius=”round”] Click me [/su_button]


Built-in icon font

List of built-in icons

[su_button icon=”icon: check”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button icon=”icon: arrow-right”] Click me [/su_button] [su_button icon=”icon: shopping-cart”] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button icon=”icon: cogs” color=”#000000″ icon_color=”#000000″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button icon=”icon: comments” color=”#000000″ icon_color=”#000000″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button icon=”icon: cloud-download” color=”#000000″ icon_color=”#000000″] Click me [/su_button]


Unlimited sizes

[su_button size=”1″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button size=”2″] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button size=”3″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button size=”4″] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button size=”5″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button size=”6″] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button size=”7″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button size=”8″] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button size=”9″] Click me [/su_button] [su_button size=”10″] Click me [/su_button]

[su_button size=”32″] Unlimited sizes! [/su_button]


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